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  • Paradigm Initiative Nigeria Named GSBI Recipient for 2010

    Congratulations to Paradigm Initiative Nigeria, the wide-ranging social enterprise dedicated to increasing ICT skills and capacity for economic development in Nigeria, for being named one of this year's Global Social Enterprise Incubator (GSBI) recipients. GSBI is a fully funded, 12-month program of online learning and mentoring, including a ...
    Posted to Emphasis Added (Weblog) by Rob on April 13, 2010
  • Africa Calling

    Via Andrew Sullivan's Daily Dish blog, just saw this great piece by Jenny Aker an Isaac Mbiti in the Boston Review, looking at the spread of mobile telephony in Africa over the past decade. This trend, of course, is at the center of the dynamics driving the rise of the Young World along with demographic shifts and the growing appeal of ...
    Posted to Emphasis Added (Weblog) by Rob on April 9, 2010



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